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Aaron Rodgers Questioning Everything Hurts His Stock

Photo: Sam Greenwood

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has made no secret that he’s heading to a “darkness retreat” this offseason and news of his intentions have been leaking to the public. Rodgers was raised in a generation that was taught to question everything but he often takes it too far, much like the NBA’s Kyrie Irving. While Rodgers’ talent is undeniable, it’s the constant questioning and “all the other stuff” putting teams off.

Dan Beyer: “To me (Aaron Rodgers) just sounds like that 8-year-old kid that just says, ‘But, why? But, why? But, why?’”

Doug Gottlieb: “I would guess that most of the teams in the NFL would love to have him as a talent but it’s all the other stuff that’s pushing them away.”