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Bryce Young Drawing Comparisons to Patrick Mahomes

Alabama v Auburn

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington, Jonas Knox, and Brady Quinn react to the recent comments made by Rick Spielman comparing the top QB in the draft, Bryce Young, to current MVP, Patrick Mahomes.

Jonas Knox: "I was surprised that they were throwing out his measurables and it was, 'Well if he was 6'1" 210lbs, he'd be a generational type quarterback.' Really, so that's what the big hang up is?"
LaVar Arrington: "It's weird man but measurables have always been super important to evaluators. It's like, I can't see anything else about you until I get beyond the eye test."
Brady Quinn: "Since broadcasting and watching tape, he's been probably my favorite to watch. He just has this unique knack and a high level understanding of the game... It's so hard to even compare him to Patrick Mahomes because he's even different than Patrick. I think he does even a better job, at least when you're looking at them both as college prospects, navigating the pocket and how Bryce is able to do that.
I think the word of the kid. He's the best quarterback in this year's draft class in my opinion, but you're gonna have a lot of people who are concerned about his size."
LaVar Arrington: "And that's just the nature of the beast."