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Orlando Brown Jr.: “Zero Sacks” Needs to Be on a T-Shirt!

Photo: Rob Carr

Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Tackle, Orlando Brown Jr. joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He is getting ready for today’s victory parade and fills Dan in on an amazing week in Arizona. He talks about the respect they had for the Eagles defense and the pride his offensive line unit felt after allowing zero sacks which he proclaimed after the game should be on a t-shirt. And he weighs in on the fate of their Offensive Coordinator, Eric Bieniemy who seems to be getting overlooked for other coaching opportunities.

Dan Patrick: “What did you say after the game, no sacks, zero sacks..?”

Orlando Brown Jr: “Put it on a T-shirt!”

Dan: “Put it on a bleeping T-shirt I think is what you said...”

Orlando: “That’s exactly what I said.”