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Chiefs Collecting Receipts on Doubters Goes Too Far

Photo: Jay Biggerstaff

The Kansas City Chiefs held their Super Bowl LVII victory parade yesterday and TE Travis Kelce called out anyone who didn’t think they would be there. The problem is, while they may not have been the favorites going into the season, nobody counted them out. They were certainly in the discussion when talking about the best teams in the AFC. With at least a couple of likely future Hall of Fame players and a Hall of Fame head coach, the suggestion that nobody believed they could win a championship doesn’t ring true.

Dan Patrick: “Kansas City Chiefs had a big parade yesterday and they’re collecting receipts on everybody who didn’t think that they would be here. And you know what, they have a valid argument, it’s just they’re taking it too far. If you still have maybe the greatest tight end of all time and a top five all-time quarterback, and you got a Hall of Fame head coach, you’re in pretty good shape.”