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Russell Westbrook Walked To A New Movie Set

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: “Russell has the exact same mentality [as Allen Iverson]. He couldn’t get along with either of the coaches he played for with the Lakers. Darvin Ham made it his personal quest, it’s one of the ways he got the job, saying he could make it work with Russell Westbrook. He couldn’t make it work with Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook isn’t about the things you said he’s about. So now you have Tyronn Lue, who’s kind of a contemporary of Russell Westbrook. During a short period of time, can it work? Yeah, I guess. The playoffs bring out a kind of anxiety, the playoffs trigger you, and the best of you and the worst of you – that all comes out!”

While filling in on today’s Dan Patrick Show, Doug Gottlieb got the first crack at reacting to the breaking news of Russell Westbrook signing with the Los Angeles Clippers after he clears waivers from his buyout with the Jazz. While you can’t blame Russ entirely for the soap opera that is the Lakers, are we sure that Russ is a fit at all with the Clippers?