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Transparency Will Save Alabama Basketball

Photo: Brandon Sumrall

More details are being revealed about Alabama Freshman Brandon Miller’s involvement in the events that allegedly led to the death of Jamea Harris and it appears everything is on the up and up. There will be no charges filed against Miller and he won’t face any discipline from Alabama for his role, and Doug applauds the transparency with which the Crimson Tide have handled this situation. It’s often the cover-up rather than the crime that spells doom for programs, but it seems Alabama is handling this the right way.

Doug Gottlieb: “All of the things that end up burning programs down are cover-ups to these crimes. And if (Nate) Oats was completely transparent (and his text messages match up with his words) and the same for Brandon Miller (and he’s not charged with a crime), then sitting him now would say, ‘Hey, there was something wrong with our process.’ They don’t believe there was anything wrong with their process.”