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Doug Gottlieb: "You're an Idiot if You Pay for Jake Paul-Tommy Fury Part 2"

Photo: Francois Nel

Doug Gottlieb: "They drug test at the NFL Draft Combine for weed. This is what they say in the NFL, it's a real thing: 'It's not a drug test, it's an IQ test.' If you are dumb enough to smoke weed right before the Combine, where they're going to drug test you and you know it, then you're just too stupid for words. We can say the same thing here. We can pick out people who are just dumb. have a crazy amount of money, but are generally idiots, if you buy the second Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight. I had my suspicions about you if you bought the first one. There are no more suspicions if you buy the second one. You're a dummy and you have to recuse yourself from any sort intelligent, intellectual conversation."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the idea of a rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury after Fury defeated Paul via a split decision on Sunday. Doug believes you're an idiot if you are willing to pay for a rematch between the two reality stars-turned-boxers.