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Magic Johnson Settles the Jordan vs. LeBron Debate

Photo: Kevin Winter

5x NBA Champion, Magic Johnson joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He says he hasn’t done more than shoot around in many years but thinks that he wouldn’t have to change his style of play to dominate in today’s game; in fact, he thinks the lack of true centers would have made him even more effective. He thinks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is criminally underrated and he talks about his rivalry with Larry Bird and how it evolved over the years. And while he believes we are making too much about the debate over the NBA G.O.A.T., he certainly has an opinion which he shares with Dan.

Dan Patrick: “Can LeBron (James) surpass Michael (Jordan) in your eyes?”

Magic Johnson: “I don’t know, it might take a couple more championships to do that. LeBron is special and I don’t want people to always get mad know, we got to celebrate both guys. I mean, Michael is the best and we should celebrate him, and we should celebrate LeBron. And so, I hate when people get mad at you if you take one or the other...But, when it’s all said (and done), if you come at me and you ask me, that’s who I’m going to go with is MJ.”