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The NFLPA Report Cards Will Greatly Influence Free Agents This Offseason

Photo: Jonathan Bachman

Jason Smith: “This survey basically tells players what teams treat them the best, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen this before because it could have a huge influence in player decisions... The top three teams are the Vikings, the Dolphins and the Raiders. Now, the bottom three teams: the Chargers, the Cardinals and Commanders. There are so many things that go into this like player health and safety, facilities... things you want to know before signing with a team... Here are some of the things that stood out. Three out of the NFL’s 32 teams don’t keep their cafeterias open for dinner. Really? This is the NFL, how are you not open for dinner?”
Mike Harmon: “I dig this, just as another data point that could be talked about when someone signs with a new team. I’d love to see the comment cards that went with these, because some of these are pretty eye-opening. Chargers had a C- on the training and medical staff, and that says a lot about them.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react, and breakdown the NFLPA report cards, that graded each team’s facilities, staff, locker-room vibe and more! Both the guys feel that future free agents will be influenced by these grades, and it could change the NFL landscape for years to come Listen to the full segment above!