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Jalen Carter’s Best Move Is To Say Nothing

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Georgia DT Jalen Carter is in hot water after an arrest warrant was issued for him yesterday and Dan considers how this will affect his prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft. We’ve seen some strange things over the years have detrimental effects on potential draftees and how Carter handles this moving forward is important if he wants a team to take a chance on him. Dan thinks he’d be smart to withhold public comment until after the investigation is completed and then remain contrite about his behavior.

Dan Patrick: “Who’s going to take a chance on Jalen Carter, if you want to say taking a chance? Is Jalen Carter going to do a public interview at any point? If I’m representing him, I don’t have him saying anything, not yet. Wait until the investigation is over, then if you want to say something, wrong place wrong time, however you want to phrase this, but the less you say probably the better.”