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Antoine Davis Can’t Compare to Pistol Pete Maravich

Photo: Mitchell Layton

Detroit Mercy G Antoine Davis is only a few points shy of breaking Pistol Pete Maravich’s all-time NCAA scoring record after dropping 22 points in their final game of the season. Assuming they get an invitation to a postseason tournament, he’ll break that record easily, but he still can’t touch Maravich’s legacy. Pete averaged 44-points per game over only 3 seasons with no 3-pt line while it took Davis a full 5 seasons averaging about half as many points. The best thing about the possibility of this record being broken is looking back on Pistol Pete’s amazing career.

Dan Patrick: “It’s a great accomplishment for Antione Davis to score that many points...I’m glad that Antoine Davis got to this point so people can look back. But as far as comparing the two, there is no comparison.”