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Mike McCarthy Takes Shot at Kellen Moore, But the Target is Now on His Back

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy says he's having the most fun he's ever had in Dallas now that he's calling the offense. LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox believe he's taking shots at his previous offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore while also trying to avoid being the next fall guy if things go south next season.

Brady Quinn: "It kind of feels like an excuse sometimes to put it on Kellen Moore who had this offense always, when they had a healthy quarterback, in a good position. They were a top 10 offense during the entirety of his time there as a play caller when Dak was healthy. So it feels like he's kind of pointing the blame here. He's got no one to point to now."
Jonas Knox: "What's the point of taking a shot at the guy after he left, unless you're feeling the heat and you want it to be known everything that was an issue before, that wasn't on me. Because now here's the difference why I like it this way and he was doing it that way, and how much fun I'm having now that I finally get control of everything."
LaVar Arrington: "While I agree with you Q, that the hammer drops on Mike McCarthy's nail next, I still think he's positioning Dak Prescott to be the fall guy if it doesn't go that way. Whether it ends up being Mike McCarthy or not, Mike McCarthy is clearly someone that has no problem throwing a guy under the bus. That's what he just showed us."