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The Clippers Will Have To Move On From Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

Photo: Harry How

The Clippers have continued to slump and Jason Smith and Mike Harmon try to make sense of what Steve Ballmer needs to do for the organization moving forward. Since acquiring new players, including Russell Westbrook, the team has lost five straight games, and the guys explain to you that Ballmer will eventually need to move on from superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George!

Jason Smith: “You are once again watching a Clipper season wash away. As Russell Westbrook gets all the blame, there’s going to be a total reset and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be on new teams next year. Because it’s been four years, and not once has the team got to a point where they could be a sustainable Western Conference powerhouse!”

Mike Harmon: “Between George’s injuries, Leonard’s load management, you don’t know what it could really be when the team and those players are at its best. But now you’ve lost five straight and finding those rotations hasn’t worked and it’s a melt down after melt down.”