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This is the Beginning of Pitch Clock Home-Field Advantage in the MLB

Photo: Christian Petersen

Today on Covino and Rich, the guys react to the spring training game between the Nationals and Mets in Florida. Mets fans utilized the newly implemented MLB pitch clock by counting down the time to throw off Nationals pitcher Victor Arano and got him to balk! The guys say as the MLB starts to get underway, home field advantage is going have a new meaning, especially down the stretch towards the postseason!

Steve Covino: "There’s a lot of pitchers not getting balks called on them, but you’re going to see more getting called, especially during high pressured situations!”

Rich Davis: “You’re going to see fans of the home team counting down these pitchers, and if you can once in a blue moon get the pitcher rattled, I think you’re going to see home-field advantage balks!”