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Plaxico Burress to Ja Morant: If You Can Learn From Anybody, Learn From Me

Plaxico Burress: “I would say to Ja: if you can learn from anybody, learn from me.  He’s a Hall of Fame player without a doubt.  He can be one of the truly special generational talents that the game has ever seen. Don’t let situations like this follow you throughout your career and as a person. I believe that he’s a great person. I’ve heard nothing but great things about how he treats his teammates and how he interacts with his fans. He doesn’t boast about how good he is, he just wants to continue to get better. We want to see him mature as a person as he gets older, the same way his game is growing right in front of us. I would say to him: just get out there and go play basketball, leave all those things behind. Trust me, things like this can alter your legacy. It only takes one bad decision, one bad moment, from the time that you started dribbling the basketball, to tear it all down.  I would tell him, if you can relate or learn from anything, take it from me.”

LaVar Arrington and Plaxico Burress react to Ja Morant's latest off-court controversy. Plaxico offers advice to Morant and gives him a word of warning, after Plaxico's career and legacy was harmed due to a similar gun-related incident.