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Adam Silver Deserves Blame for Ja Morant's Actions

Photo: Justin Ford

Doug Gottlieb: "A lot of this blame needs to go to two places: Adam Silver and Ja Morant himself. That's it. Adam Silver because there's a reason that discipline policies are needed in all sports leagues. If you pay way too much attention to all of these idiots who work in my business who act like players are somehow treated poorly when they're held in check for their misbehaviors, you're forgetting the history of the league. Ja Morant is a clown and a fool because he is likening himself to being a gangster when he could be worth $1 billion by the end of this whole thing. And this is on Adam Silver. You want to change the name 'owners' of teams to 'governors' because someone's feelings are hurt. It's the lack of willingness to say 'this is not the way it goes.' When it came down from the NBA. It wasn't 'we're suspending him because he's acting like a clown,' it was 'he's stepping away.' What?! No, you're suspending him!"

Doug Gottlieb reacts to Ja Morant's latest off-court issue. Doug believes Adam Silver's inability to come down hard on certain player issues in the NBA is fostering a culture where players are unafraid to put themselves in problematic situations.