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First Domino Falls as Derek Carr Signs With the Saints


Dan Patrick: "I think you can safely say Derek Carr is the best quarterback in the NFC South right now. What does Aaron Rodgers do now? I thought Rodgers would reset the market in the offseason, where Rodgers would go somewhere, and the dominos would fall. In New Orleans, I don't know if I've got Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara has legal trouble. Who do I really have? I love Chris Olave, but is that enough? You can be a sub-.500 team and win the NFC South. Do you think Tom Brady looks around and says 'you know what, it's hard to leave NFC South.' What's easier, home life or the NFC South?"

Dan Patrick reacts to the New Orleans Saints signing Derek Carr. Dan expresses surprise at the Saints being the first team to add a QB, taking Carr away from potentially joining the New York Jets. Dan discusses what this signing could mean for what is next for the Jets, Aaron Rodgers, and the rest of the QB market.