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Covino & Rich React to the Breaking News of Jim Boeheim’s Retirement

Photo: Bryan M. Bennett

Rich Davis: “He’s a staple. Even when I was going there I knew it was an honor to watch coach Boeheim. I missed the Carmelo, 2003 year by a year... so I was sandwiched between that and with Jason Hartman... When I went to Syracuse, it was my first introduction into the passion of college sports. But this doesn’t seem like the happiest farewell.”
Steve Covino: “His response was weird in that first clip. It was a cryptic way of answering that direct question about his retirement. It’s just a wishy washy way, especially since the university put out a statement, and Boeheim has yet to put out a statement himself. It sounds like it’s not his decision to leave.”

Steve Covino, Rich Davis and Dan Beyer share their reaction to the breaking news regarding Jim Boeheim’s retirement. Listen to the full segment above!