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No Chance NFL Owners Are Colluding Against Lamar Jackson

Photo: Tasos Katopodis

Questions of collusion among NFL owners have invaded the sports world after Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson failed to receive any offers once he was hit with the non-exclusive franchise tag yesterday. Doug finds these questions to be a little ridiculous considering the owners just settled a lawsuit accusing them of colluding against Colin Kaepernick. Besides, if the Ravens are refusing to capitulate to Jackson’s demands for an exorbitant guaranteed salary, why would any other owner do so especially considering they’d need to give up two first-round draft picks for the privilege of giving him too much money?

Doug Gottlieb: “There is no collusion here. You don’t have to call or text other NFL owners. And if you think NFL owners a dumb enough to collude with one another about a contract when they just settled a lawsuit which accused them of colluding...He ain’t getting 5 years from anybody and all this does is show him.”