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Quit the Pity Party for Lamar Jackson

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox are tired of hearing critics bad mouth the Ravens for not negotiating in good faith or accusing the league for "colluding" against Lamar Jackson. Everyone agrees Lamar deserves to be rewarded big time, but an agent would help him better understand his true value and that Deshaun Watson is the exception, not the rule.

Jonas Knox: "There's a real chance here, believe it or not, that some teams in the NFL don't want to tip their hand early, or some teams in the NFL look at Lamar Jackson and say we don't know if we want to give that type of guaranteed money for a guy who hasn't finished the season the past two years. I love Lamar Jackson. We've done nothing but ball-wash Lamar Jackson on this show, but if you're going to compare him to the ridiculous deal, that weirdo Deshaun Watson got from the Cleveland Browns, it's an unfair comp. That's the exception, not the rule. Everybody can stop crying about it. I'm tired of it."
Brady Quinn: "Besides a fully guaranteed contract, that apparently is going to be more than Deshaun Watson, you've got to turn over your roster. And now because it's the non-exclusive franchise, you have to give them two first round picks. That is a hefty, hefty price for Lamar Jackson... Atlanta and Carolina both draft in the top 10. They can go find their next quarterback in the draft for way cheaper and guys who aren't going to require the type of transition on the roster like Lamar Jackson would want, or at least transition in offensive philosophy. So, it's an entirely different conversation that people just don't want to acknowledge."