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Syracuse Orange Had To Squeeze Jim Boeheim

Photo: Bryan M. Bennett

Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres are sitting in for Doug Gottlieb and they can’t get over the way Jim Boeheim was ushered out of Syracuse. Today is the first day in the last 47 years that Jim Boeheim is not the head coach of the Syracuse men’s basketball team and his departure did not go well, especially compared to guys like Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, Bobby Knight, et al. The only worse exit would have to be Joe Paterno’s disgraceful firing from Penn State. The way Boeheim left was atrocious considering his legendary status in the annals college basketball.

Dan Beyer: “This departure is atrocious...the Joe Paterno exit at Penn State is probably the worst of any coaching legend we will ever see in college sports...but to think of a guy coaching for 47 years, winning a National Championship...the Final Fours, just the institution that he is, to go out like this? Darn near unheard of.”