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Fans are Missing Out on Dick Vitale Calling a Tournament Game

Photo: Ed Zurga

Dan Beyer: "I feel like we've missed out. I wish he was not as loyal to his employer. I understand the loyalty of it, but his employer told him to do it. I just think fans and the viewers would like to see it. I think we are missing out by not having Dick Vitale at least be able to do a game or so in the NCAA Tournament. Outside of Coach K, over the last 30 years of being associated with college basketball, his name is right up there."
Aaron Torres: "Dick Vitale is college basketball, and essentially has been for as long as we have been watching it."

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres react to Dick Vitale declining an opportunity to join a broadcast for a game in the upcoming Tournament. The guys understand and respect Vitale's decision to remain loyal to his employer, but can't help but be disappointed as fans to miss out on what would be a historic broadcast for the game and everyone involved in it.