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Lions Are Poised to Take Control of the NFC North

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

Photo: Getty Images

With Aaron Rodgers poised to leave Green Bay, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe wonder if Jordan Love is ready to take the reigns and continue the Packers dominance of the NFC North.

Jonas Knox: "Law of averages would tell you, the likelihood you're gonna go from 15 years of Hall of Fame quarterback play, to 15 years of Hall of Fame quarterback play, to another 15 years a Hall of Fame quarterback play, probably isn't the case. It's probably not happening and it makes me wonder if we could be on the verge of seeing the Detroit Lions take control of the NFC North for the next couple of years to come."
Brady Quinn: "These franchises are at two different points. I think Detroit feels like they're building something. They've got a young roster, a good nucleus surrounded by a quarterback in Jared Goff who's got something to prove. The head coach has something to prove, the entire coaching staff for that matter, bunch of former players. It's been fun to watch that group continue to grow and get better where two years ago, they're competitive, and now this year, we look at them and say okay, in the NFC you consider them a contender. And I think the odds actually portray that story too."