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Jets Are Creating Familiarity For Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn, LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox react to reports that the Jets are closing in a deal with former Packers WR Allen Lazard.

Brady Quinn: "If you're the Jets, would you not set yourself up to create as much familiarity with Aaron Rodgers if he was gonna be going there. They're working to reach an agreement with Allen Lazard. He's familiar with Nathaniel Hackett. Obviously Rodgers is familiar with him, that probably helps that transition.
The release of Braxton Berrios was a little bit interesting to me, in part because I think he's a good slot, he's a twitchy guy, he runs good routes, strong hands, he had helped on the return game, but I also then felt like maybe that leaves the door open for Randall Cobb. Obviously Aaron Rodgers has a huge affinity for Randall Cobb and he's one of the reasons why he was back in Green Bay. So maybe that's part of the equation too, is bring in a couple of receivers that I can depend on immediately. I'll work with Garrett Wilson to get more comfortable with him but you bring in some those players to help out. Maybe that's part of it."