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Jason Smith: "MLB's Stars Shouldn't Play in the WBC because of Injury Risk"

Photo: Eric Espada

Jason Smith: “This is why I’m always nervous about the World Baseball Classic when they have it. I know people are going to get hurt, because it’s too much to go from 0-120 like they do in the WBC. You’re ramping up in Spring Training, but is Edwin Díaz jumping up and down celebrating in the middle of a mob scene after closing out a Spring Training game? It’s a fluke injury, I completely get that, but this doesn’t happen at the end of the game in Spring Training, only in the WBC.”
Rich Ohrnberger: “I know that there are Dominicans that are attaching themselves to every single pitch of this World Baseball Classic. There are Japanese fans, Puerto Rican fans and other countries’ fans who really care about this tournament. But let’s be honest: we’re Americans. We’re egotistical slobs when it comes to sports, and we don’t care about the feelings of those outside of our boarders who actually care about this tournament... MLB’s World Series, this is the precipice of it.”
Mike Harmon: “The debate we’ve always had when it came to the ‘Dream Teams’ in Olympic basketball, is if we should just go back to armatures and college players participating in these tournaments?”

Jason Smith, Mike Harmon and special guest Rich Orhnberger react to Mets pitcher Edwin Díaz suffering a major knee injury while celebrating Puerto Rico’s victory over the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. Listen to the full segment above!