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Who Leaked Aaron Rodgers’ “Demands” If Not The Jets?

Photo: Marco Bello

Aaron Rodgers lambasted the media over their coverage of his announcement that he intends to play football for the Jets. He takes issue with reporters contacting him directly for information and claims he wants transparency but he doesn’t seem concerned that the list of “demands” he made was somehow leaked to the media. If he didn’t leak that list, and it certainly wasn’t the Packers, then who did? Dan concludes it must have been the Jets, which doesn’t seem compatible with the type of transparency Rodgers is looking for.

Dan Patrick: “It’s been framed incorrectly by the media because it’s certainly a juicier story if Aaron Rodgers has to have these players on the Jets’ roster...Who leaked this information to Dianna Russini from the Jets to talk about the wish list? That’s what I would like to know! Because Aaron wants transparency and that didn’t last long. The Jets have already leaked this.”