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The Furman Paladins Are the Perfect Cinderella

Photo: Kevin Sabitus

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament got underway yesterday and we have already identified this year’s Cinderella. Dan and the Danettes dive deep on a couple of history making upsets yesterday. And while Princeton was the higher seed at 15, the 13th seeded Furman Paladins fit the mold of a Cinderella more precisely. Nobody really knows where it is, nor exactly what a Paladin is, and they are the definition of what we love about March Madness.

Dan Patrick: “This is that moment that every kid dreams about in the backyard, I got a chance, I’m gonna win...and Furman hasn’t been to the tournament and won a game in a long, long, long time. It might be what, 43 years? And, you know, we don’t know where Furman is. The Paladin, we don’t know what a Paladin is. Like, everything falls in line with; oh, that’s what we love about March Madness...Furman is your Cinderella.”