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Roger Goodell Earned an Extension as NFL Commissioner

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Super Bowl Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images

While no one argues Roger Goodell has dropped the ball on a number of issues as NFL Commissioner, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington believe he's done more than enough to earn an extension and his large paycheck.

Jonas Knox: "The one thing you can't question from a business standpoint, he's been fantastic. The league figures out a way every single year to add some other element that takes it to another level. Right when you think you've seen it all and they've hit their ceiling, they figure out a way. Whether it's implement gambling, we're going to do a new TV deal, we're gonna go to streaming. He's always finding another avenue to push the league from a business standpoint and if you're an owner, isn't that all you care about? Like, how can you make me the most money possible and from that vantage point, to me, I don't have a problem with the amount of money that he's made, understanding what he's done to help grow the game, his strategies."