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It Feels Like the Lakers are Ready to Move On From LeBron James

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Jason Smith: “Now this is a pretty hot take, but I want to say it now because I think this is what we’ll find over the next few weeks and months. Doesn’t it feel like the Lakers are done with LeBron? Now I understand there’s the contract extension that will kick in, with an estimated $46 million with a player option for next year. But this injury was such a big deal for them... LeBron is just getting hurt way too much, and just the feel with the team seems to feel like they’ve moved on from him. On top of that, he’s now at odds with the team on when he can come back, where there are two reports that contradict each other. I just feel like they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve both realized they’ve gotten as much as they’ve can out of each other, and now it’s time to move on.”
Mike Harmon: “Look how hard he worked those last few weeks leading up to his injury, when we already knew he was injured... The frustration has to be huge, because Anthony Davis had to wear it and answer questions about health and availability... It’s become that image of the dumpster fire floating down the river at this point.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to LeBron James correcting the Lakers report on Twitter regarding his injury. Jason believes the Lakers and LeBron’s relationship has been fractured, and the team will look to move on from him this offseason. Listen to the full segment above!