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Mark Cuban Scapegoating the Refs...Again

Photo: Tim Heitman

After what Mark Cuban called, “Worst officiating non call mistake possibly in the history of the NBA,” on Twitter, the Dallas Mavericks dropped a game at home to the Golden State Warriors. And while the call was pretty bad, they shouldn’t be using that as an excuse for losing to a Warriors team that is historically bad on the road this season. The only real question is how much lighter Cuban’s pocketbook will become after the inevitable fine is levied for being critical of the officiating yet again.

Dan Patrick: “The Mavs are using this as a scapegoat, and they lost the game. They lost a home game and they are using something at the end of 3rd quarter. Bad call? OK. They missed a call? OK. Confusion. Who was getting the ball, where were they getting the ball? But don’t blame this loss on that call.”