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Load Management Is Hurting Joel Embiid’s MVP Hopes

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

The Philadelphia 76ers were in Denver last night facing the Nuggets in what should have been a showdown between the two leading NBA MVP candidates until Joel Embiid took the night off. Dan isn’t sure if he was actually injured or if it was load management, he just wanted see these two great players face each other with the MVP on the line and blames the NBA for making him question the legitimacy of Embiid’s injury. Dan questions whether he can be the league MVP if he’s not on the floor, especially in big games down the stretch.

Dan Patrick: “Last night I wanted to see those two show-down. And if you said, ‘You have an MVP vote,’ I would give it to the Joker. I think he’s been consistent throughout; his team has been consistent throughout. I think he has put up incredible numbers, the value that’s there when he’s on the floor, not on the floor, and he plays! I think he’s missed 7 or 8 games maybe, 6 or 7 games this year. But I wanted Joel Embiid to play last night. Maybe he’s injured, but basketball brought this on itself because we never know now.”