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WWE Star, Angelo Dawkins Talks WrestleMania

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Mike Harmon: “WrestleMania this weekend, we’re fired up to see how you enter the ring. I started to see what the stage is going to look like for this weekend. I’m going to try and crash it, who knows I may be the 9th guy tagged in.. The first time I saw WWE was in Chicago when it was pay per view at a movie theater, my parents dropped me and my brothers off and said just don’t get hurt."
Angelo Dawkins: “Mike, let me tell you something if you come in that ring you better be ready to go. Yes, I do have my own rituals before the show because you have to be on at all time, especially for Wrestle Mania. Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, I’m always doing the same thing, if not I’ll mess something up. I’m coming out of SoFi with a win, putting the city on my back.
Rich Ohrnberger: “A lot of people look at wrestling as performative, art, dance, something else than sport but they have it wrong this is a sport, you have to have a real competitive edge. I’ve seen friends who I’ve played with in the NFL try and get into the business & most of them have trouble because of how hard it is.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show, Mike Harmon and Rich Ohrnberger talk to WWE super star, Angelo Dawkin's about WWE WrestleMania Weekend & his journey to the top of the industry. Angelo tells stories about big matchups at WrestleMania, the history of the big weekend & how the sport keeps expanding. Mike & Rich get the entertainment out of Angelo & the guys reflect on wrestling stories from their past.