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Flexing Thursday Night Games Is Preposterous

Photo: Nick Cammett

The NFL owners opted to table the vote on a proposal to allow Amazon to flex specific games to Thursday night and Dan is absolutely not onboard. It’s just another money-grab that will leave NFL fans out in the cold. It’s one thing to change the time of a Sunday game to later in the evening but moving the game to an entirely different day will make it impossible for fans to make reliable travel plans to go see their team play. And that’s not even considering the toll those short weeks will take on the players.

Dan Patrick: “I think it is preposterous that they were thinking of flexing these games. And think about the fans for a change. I know Roger (Goodell) always says, ‘Well, it’s about the fans.’ Tell me how flexing from a Sunday to a Thursday, or vice versa, is thinking about the fans, because it’s not. You’re thinking about Amazon, that’s it.”