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Artie Moreno Cheapening Out on Radio Broadcast Spells Bad News for Ohtani

Photo: ezra shaw

Jason Smith: “He’s gone! When you’re nickel and diming things like not sending the radio broadcast crew on the road with the team, and claim it’s not a justifiable cost, you’re really showing who you are. Artie Moreno multi-billionaire, and is choosing to pinch pennies for $2000,000 ... He needs a new team.”
Mike Harmon: “Moreno could’ve sold this as a positive, saying they’re giving their radio team an easier life, by allowing them to be home with their families year-round. Whether that’s true or not, isn’t the point. But citing cost in this statement is dopey. Especially when you have Trout and Rendon on monster contracts, and a looming ‘Godzilla-like’ contract with Ohtani.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Angels owner Artie Moreno releasing a statement saying the Angels radio broadcast team will not be traveling with the team this season, due to “justifiable costs.” Jason and Mike aren’t buying the lies Moreno is selling, and feel this is the nail in the coffin for Angels fans’ hopes of an Ohtani extension. Listen to the full segment above