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Ohtani Is the Perfect Pitch Man

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics

Photo: Getty Images

It was reported just before the start of the season that Shohei Ohtani is set to become the highest-earning MLB player of all-time for a single year. This is thanks in large part to his endorsement deals. Ben Maller points out why Ohtani is the perfect pitch man for Madison Ave.

Ben Maller: "Why is he perfect to endorse products? He seems pretty happy, like happy-go-lucky. He is apolitical. You don't know Ohtani's opinions on every social issue in America. He stays in his lane. He just plays baseball. You could say there's reasons for that, he's not from here, and the language and all..but it is refreshing in the age where so many athletes who sell products are demanding the microphone to tell us their perspective and tell us how to live our lives."