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After Last Night, Is Joel Embiid The MVP?

Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks

Photo: Getty Images North America

Chris Broussard: “Embiid put on a performance last night, he was 20 for 25 from the field. If you were a voter would it bother you if a coach said who you’re voting for? It definitely bothers me... It’s certainly possible that Jokic wins but at the end of the day I think Joel is going to win. I don’t agree with what Doc said about it’s over. Last night was a huge moment for Embiid, it was a huge win they needed against Boston and we saw him play a great defensive game.”

Rob Parker: “I hope Doc didn’t jinx Embiid with those comments. A guy isn’t going to tell me who I’m voting for, if I was a writer there I would’ve said ‘Doc do you have a vote?’ I don’t think Joel will win MVP & neither will Giannis. I think Jokic is going to win the MVP, he leads in the all personal stats within the league. Analytics will be the determining factor on who is the MVP & you shouldn’t go by the eye test or gut feeling. Doc has to be careful because it could come back to bite him...”

Tonight on The Odd Couple, Chris & Rob debate on who is going to win the MVP this NBA season. Chris believes that Joel is the prime candidate for MVP but Rob isn’t buying it. Rob thinks Jokic is going to three-peat his MVP because of the analytical stats that favor him. Chris talks it out on who would be the front runners for his weekend breakdown before he votes for a winner in the next couple of weeks. MGM sportsbook currently has Joel Embiid at -600 to win MVP.