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Mark Cuban Wants to Double-Down on a Bad Decision

Photo: Quinn Harris

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he would love to have Kyrie Irving on the squad again next season, and he thinks they have a real shot a keeping him. Dan questions the wisdom of re-signing a player that nobody else in the league wanted, and who helped your team drop from 5th in the Western Conference to possibly missing the playoffs altogether. He hasn’t made the Mavericks any better, he’s a questionable teammate, he’s a defensive liability, and he is likely to be a source of unwanted drama down the line so it makes zero sense to try and bring him back.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t know if Luka (Dončić) wants Kyrie (Irving) back. It might be: yeah that’d be great to have a running mate who’s able to get you 40 a night. They’re not a better team. They had a good team. Now it wasn’t a great team, but it was a good team. And you were in the fifth spot when you had those players, and then you trade away those players to get Kyrie Irving who nobody wanted...who else wanted Kyrie Irving? And now you’re going to sign him to a long-term contract there?”