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Ravens are Shifting the Power in Potential Lamar Jackson Breakup

Photo: Courtney Culbreath

Doug Gottlieb: "The Ravens are trying as hard as they can to do it their way and change this entire narrative that they haven't surrounded Lamar Jackson with good enough players. They're trying to say 'we've given him everything, and we've given him a 3-year guaranteed contract at the same type of money of all the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Lamar Jackson not wanting to play for us is a Lamar Jackson decision, not a Ravens decision.' Signing Odell Beckham Jr. shifts a lot of the power to the Ravens."

Doug Gottlieb and Dan Beyer react to the Ravens signing star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The guys discuss the implications of the optics of the signing, and Doug breaks down why the Ravens are using Beckham as a means to ending the narrative that the team refused to provide Lamar Jackson with talented skill players.