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The Lakers Won Despite LeBron James, Not Because of Him

Doug watched the Los Angeles Lakers earn the 7th seed in the #NBA Western Conference play-in game last night and pushes back against the idea that LeBron James is back to his old self and ready to carry his team to a title like he has in past seasons. King James made some poor decisions with the ball and had some egregious turnovers in the overtime win, and his 30 points were only needed because of his inconsistent play earlier in the game. The truth is that James just isn’t the same player anymore and anyone who disagrees wasn’t watching last night.

Doug Gottlieb: “Don’t get it twisted; LeBron James is not close to the same dude. Not close...If you thought that was an MVP caliber performance because you looked down at the stats, you missed the game. In many ways the Lakers were better without LeBron James on the floor.”