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When Do We Start Calling Zion a Bust?

Photo: Cole Burston

Steve Covino & Rich Davis take over for Dan Patrick today and they are baffled by the fact that Zion Williamson, who is physically healthy, is still not going to play in the New Orleans Pelicans’ play-in game tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder. While the Steve and Rich are very cognizant of the mental health issues that may be at play here, the question remains: at what point does a lack intestinal fortitude determine an athlete’s legacy? If he can’t bring himself to play in an elimination-game for his team, his legacy is in jeopardy regardless of the reason.

Steve Covino: “He gets paid a lot of money. His team needs him. This is a big moment; this is what they pay him for and...”

Rich Davis: “He’s supposed to be the next guy!”

Steve: “...he’s physically ready to play but he doesn’t ‘feel like Zion?’”

Rich: “Is he going to end up being one of the biggest busts in NBA history?”

Steve: “If this sort of thing continues?”

Rich: “If this narrative continues. And again, I’m not disregarding if it’s mental health or whatever it may be but, if this is the story of Zion, is it like: damn, what a bust?”