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Damian Lillard Deserves To Go Anywhere He Wants In NBA

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Dan Beyer: "Think of him as a Blazer all you want, he will always be a Blazer, but he can also take that opportunity for a short stint to really make his name with another me thats about whether the grass is greener on the other side."
Ryan Hollins: "I think Damian Lillard knows that he should be competing against these other stars and I think there's so much behind the scenes."

On this episode of Covino and Rich, Dan Beyer and Ryan Hollins fill in for the guys and discuss about Portland Trailblazers Point Guard Damian Lillard's illustrious career in the NBA. The guys go into depth on why Damian Lillard gave Portland everything and now deserves to go anywhere in the league to end his career and maybe win a ring.