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DeMar DeRozan’s Daughter Was Last Night’s MVP

Photo: Andrew Lahodynskyj

Steve Covino & Rich Davis fill in for Dan again this morning and they’re entranced by how the Chicago Bulls beat the Toronto Raptors in last night’s NBA play-in game to advance and face the Miami Heat on Friday night for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference on the strength of DeMar DeRozan’s daughter’s antics on the sidelines. She was screaming from her courtside seat so loudly that she could be heard distinctly on the television broadcast during the Raptors free throws, and it seemed to work considering they only managed to hit 50% of their attempts from the charity stripe on the way to blowing a 19-point 3rd quarter lead, including Pascal Siakam missing two crucial shots that could have tied the game with 12 seconds left. The guys debate whether DeMar should keep his daughter out of school so she can travel with the team and lend her voice to their efforts in the playoffs.

Rich Davis: “If I’m the Chicago Bulls, I’m calling the school district, ‘...Hey, send her homework assignments for the week, get a tutor, she’s travelling with the Bulls..’ Right now, Miami by 5 ½, I wonder if the point spread moves if DeMar is like, ‘Yeah, by the way, I’m taking my kid out of school,’ (and) it goes down to like 2.”

Steve Covino: “But if we’re really going to say that mattered, right, then there’s some truth to what you’re saying.”