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Dan Beyer Quizzes Ryan Hollins & Monse Bolaños on their NBA Playoff Picks!

Photo: Stacy Revere

Dan Beyer, Ryan Hollins and Monse Bolaños are in for Covino and Rich on today’s show, and play an exciting game of NBA trivia meets “The Newley Wed Game.” Dan asks Ryan his picks for this year’s NBA playoffs including which player he feel has the most to lose, who he think will win Finals MVP, and which first round series he thinks will go 7 games. Monse then tries to guess what Ryan’s answer was for each question, and the whole segment turns into hilarious chaos. Listen to the full segment above, and make sure to follow Dan (@danbeyeronfox), Ryan (@TheRyanHollins) and Monse (@MonseBolanos) on Twitter!