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It Will Be a While Until Arch Manning Lives Up to the Hype at Texas

Texas Spring Football Game

Photo: Getty Images

Following a tough outing by Arch Manning in his spring game debut, Head Coach Steve Sarkisian made is clear that Quinn Ewers would be the starting quarterback for Texas this upcoming season. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe breakdown the performances by Manning, Ewers, as well as Maalik Murphy, and try to predict the future landscape of the quarterback room and who's most likely to transfer.

Brady Quinn: "If you're Arch Manning, it might be a while before you get that opportunity to go in there and play and he's going to have to be patient... It might not be his time this year, but eventually there'll come a time where he's going to be in that quarterback battle, and we'll see how he competes against a guy like Maalik Murphy."
Jonas Knox: "If you're Arch Manning, why would you go there? If you wanted to play, why wouldn't you go somewhere else where there wasn't a logjam?"
LaVar Arrington: "When you have that type of talent, you have to know, and you have to accept as a player sometimes, that it's the competition that is going to make you national champs. If I don't have anybody that's any good behind me, then how much better am I really going to get?"