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Draymond Green May Be the Dumbest Smart Player in the NBA

Photo: ezra shaw

Golden State Warriors controversial star Draymond Green was ejected from their loss to the Sacramento Kings in game 2 of their first round playoff series last night for stomping on Domantas Sabonis in the fourth quarter. Dan certainly isn’t surprised to find Green getting tossed for doing something dumb. After all, Green is the guy who punched his own teammate at the beginning of the season and has a history questionable behavior. For someone who is often acknowledged for his high basketball IQ, he sure does some stupid things.

Dan Patrick: “We always acknowledge Draymond Green’s basketball IQ, right? We talk about him being a smart player but this is a dumb play, because he was selfish, and then after, how he reacted, it was about him...We give him credit all the time, ‘Oh man, he’s a smart basketball player.’ He does some stupid things! This is a guy who started the season punching a teammate. You can’t be surprised that he would do this to the opposition, he punched his own teammate! And here we are...”