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Draymond Green’s Reputation Got Him Ejected

Photo: Steph Chambers

Golden State Warriors controversial star Draymond Green was ejected from their loss to the Sacramento Kings in game 2 of their first round playoff series last night for stomping on Domantas Sabonis in the fourth quarter. Doug believes it was Green’s reputation an instigator and his courtside antics that turned the whole thing into a spectacle and kept him from getting the benefit of the doubt from the officials. The truth is (according to Doug) that he shouldn’t have even been called for a common foul, much less been ejected.

Doug Gottlieb: “The problem with it is; it’s Draymond Green, like, reputation firmly established. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt and we all know that. And then he doesn’t help himself with the WWE theatrics...I can tell you unequivocally, I don’t believe Draymond Green even should have been called for a foul.”