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Rob Parker: Draymond Green Should’ve Been Suspended for Stomping Sabonis!

Photo: ezra shaw

Rob Parker: “Draymond is a repeat offender, and continues to be involved with stuff that’s unnecessary with basketball. You have a butter soft commissioner who allows the players to do whatever they want. I don’t know if it’s motivated from the idea that he doesn’t want to disarm the Warriors, and not have them be with one of their biggest players in Game 3.... I definitely believe Draymond did it intentionally, not to hurt Sabonis, but to prove what a badass he is. Even Klay Thompson said he isn’t giving Draymond a pass for what he did. At some point when do you stop Draymond? When does this madness stop?”
Chris Broussard: “I completely disagree. I don’t think Draymond should be suspended. What Draymond did was flat-out wrong, but it should be left at that because Damontis Sabonis started it. Sabonis flopped, and grabbed Draymond Green’s leg... You’re making a dirty play at that point. Sabonis should’ve gotten a flagrant 1.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Warriors F Draymond Green’s suspension following his antics in Game 2 against the Sacramento Kings. Listen to the full segment above!