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Chris Broussard: We’ve Been Waiting for Davis vs Garcia!

Chris Broussard: You don’t see this often, you really don’t see this ever. We saw Mayweather & Manny but they were old, well past their primes. Boxing is killing it’s fight for taking their fights off television, you can’t build up these stars without giving them eyes for free. Now we have two young fighters, both in their 20s... I got Davis in this, from what I’ve seen and all the trash talk, that’s enough for me.
Rob Guerra:  “These guys knock out everybody. This is the first fight I’m actually going to pay for since Triple G vs Canelo, that’s a long time. It’s so rare that you get two guys in their prime to fight especially because of the politics within boxing. The reason we never saw these fights in the recent years is because of the promoters. These guys could’ve said they didn’t want to fight this match, they care more about being the best.”

Tonight on the Odd Couple Chris Broussard and Rob Guerra, debate the matchup fight between Gervonta Davis & Ryan Garcia this Saturday at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The guys talk about the significance of this matchup for boxing. Chris says this is the best fight we’ve seen in a loing time and thinks Gervonta Davis is going to win.

Gervonta Davis v Ryan Garcia - Media Workout

Photo: Getty Images North America