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Steve Kerr, Steph & Klay Share Blame for Draymond Green’s Suspension

Photo: Lachlan Cunningham

The NBA has suspended Golden State Warriors Draymond Green for game 3 of their series against the Sacramento Kings for stomping on Domantas Sabonis in game 2. Dan is convinced the suspension was more about Green’s antics after the foul when he was screaming at the fans and making a spectacle of himself while the referees were determining his fate. Dan wants to know where Steve Kerr, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were while Draymond was acting the fool. Nobody stepped in to de-escalate the situation and now they’re missing a key piece of their roster because of it.

Dan Patrick: “I think it was more egregious the way he acted after the play. I mean, where is Steve Kerr or Steph Curry? They enabled him. Grab him! He’s your teammate. Is Draymond not going to listen to Steph Curry? Klay Thompson? I mean, they’re all, they think it’s funny; that’s Draymond being Draymond. Well, you go to game 3 without him...I gotta put some blame on Steve Kerr, and Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson.”