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Kevin Hart Celebrates an Extension for Jalen Hurts

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Kevin Hart on Jalen Hurts' extension: "Well-deserved. I love it. What Jalen Hurts has done inside and outside the game of football has positioned him to be where he is now. What I'm highlighting is the level of professionalism that he has put on display. From how he handles the media, from how he embraces the role of leader and leadership, taking responsibility for good and bad at every opportunity, and not looking to be the guy that's responsible for everything. He's looking to put his team first, his players first in any conversation. Those are the things that I watched. When we're talking about investing in someone and putting that franchise-type number and attaching it to a big salary, all of those boxes have to be checked, and he's done an amazing job in checking them all. I love that he's set a new bar for other people to follow."

Actor, Comedian, and Die-Hard Eagles Fan Kevin Hart joins The Dan Patrick Show! Hart breaks down why he loves the extension for Jalen Hurts and reflects on the rough times in the Hart household after the Eagles' Super Bowl loss. Plus, Hart reveals why he had to get rid of his pet eagle, also named Jalen!